A company can reach its highest potential when its people, processes, and execution are properly lined up. If any one of those components is missing, the organization will constantly struggle and will never see their potential realized. The Cating Group has business experience and proven tools and methodologies to work for you:

• Assess human capital and available resources
• Use initiatives, goals and objectives to align performance

• Improve operational and decision processes
• Build operational performance processes

• Apply methodologies to improve operational effectiveness
• Establish a foundation for consistent metrics
• Provide performance visibility across the enterprise

The vapor industry is evolving, under constant threat from regulators and legislators who are unfamiliar with or who fail to grasp the revolutionary potential vapor products have to change the global healthcare issues and the combusted tobacco industry. But the vapor industry can yet evolve into a continued force against the current landscape of prohibition and over-regulation.

Other industries are fortunate enough not to have the added pressures and burdens that the vapor industry but they still need and can benefit from process improvement and business services.

The Cating Group offers business services including:

• Regulatory Review
• Market Analysis and Trends
• State Compliance
• Assistance Filing PMTA’s
• Supply Chain Management
• Business Policies & Procedures
• Logistics